CAIG Certified


Respiratory Therapy Services 

Respiratory therapy is presented and practiced by only qualified California Licensed Respiratory Care Practitioners in which the following services are provided:

  • Bronchodilater Medication Therapy
  • Control of Respiratory Infections
  • Maintenance of Clear Airways

       a.  Aerosol Therapy                                          

          b.  Assisted Ventilation

          c.  Postural Drainage and Percussion

  • Correction of Ineffective Ventilation

           a.  Ventilatory Exercises

  • Improvement in Ambulation               

     a.  Graded Walking Exercises (with or without Oxygen)

           b.   Physical Conditioning Exercises

        *  Home ventilator checked not less than (3) times per (12) hours per Physician(s)               orders

         * "Chronic Care Improvement Plan"

         * Activities of Daily Living Diet

         * Prescribed I.V. medicine orders and treatments implemented by nursing or rcp                 per license permitted

          * Long term nursing / respiratory care

        * Wound Care and debridement /tracheostomy care, diabetic / atopic

Recently, our company has added "Room & Board" for persons without a residence. This service provided on a referral basis from your primary care physician.




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